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Vicente Cortez
Vicente Cortez, Executive CEO of So Cal Tree Care Inc with verifiable year-after-year success in achieving revenue, profit, and business growth objectives within start up, turn around and rapid changes within environment. Highly experience in the tree industry with building relationships with customers, upper level management decision makers, seizing control of all critical problem areas. Has over 20 years of Experience in the tree industry. 

Vice President

Javier Quiroz 

​Javier Quiroz, at 17 yrs of age, started his journey at the San Diego Safari Park as a horticulturist for the first 3 years, quickly realizing his passion for trees; Javier began studying, learning and climbing which led him to becoming the Lead Arborist at the San Diego Safari Park for the last 35 yrs. Javier's role as Lead Arborist at the Park is to oversee all the tree work, teach new techniques along with safety training throughout the department. 

Javier's credentials include : Certified Arborist, Certified Tree Worker, Certified CTSP, Certified Industrial Tower Climbing and Rescue, CPR-First Aid Instructor. He's also been involved in several projects including British Columbia, constructing zip lines and canopy tree walks for the University along with constructing the zip line at the Safari Park. He's done work and training in Peru, "The Amazon Forest" training and overseeing the rope canopy project for a primate research project. Javier helped with the fist ISA Tree Competition in Guadalajara. 

Javier has been active with Hispanic tree workers, eagerly passing on everything he's learning with both the science and field skills that are necessary for an Arborist. He's an avid splicer and owns his small business specializing in all phases of tree work. 

One of the most important goals for me is to see that climbers are able to integrate safe, modern skills into their daily work. With all of the new tools and techniques, I believe that climbers can last longer, safely in this industry that we love and call " TREE WORK "   


Chris Guenther

 Is a fully credited Arborist, with 32 years of experience in Municipal Forestry. As a climber who attended Biola, Palomar,Mira Costa, and San Jacinto College, he continues to put safety as a priority which is evidence of his commitment to the UTCA, and everyone who works in this profession  


Sergio Resendiz 

Sergio Resendiz is a Dependable, hard-working arborist with over 25 years of experience in tree service/ landscaping/tree climbing 

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Joe Wurzel


ISA certified Arborist WE-10773A
Associates of Science in Arboriculture, 2018
Climbing Arborist at San Diego Safari Park
I have an ongoing commitment to continuing education in arboriculture and am passionate about assisting others in their own personal development as tree workers. I love the sense of community that I have found with the United Tree Climbers Association and enjoy progressing alongside fellow arborists.